The next solstice parade will be Saturday, in 2025

2024 Time Line:

Set up at paint locations

Morning: Paint up, then ride to Gas Works Park.

12:30 -12:32 Form up at Gas Works (along Northlake Place)

12:32-12:45 Ride from Gas Works Park to parade start

12:45-1:30? Loop on parade route as desired, then exit to Gas Works or beyond.

Clean up at paint parties

Join the community

To get (or provide) further details on the ride, any paint parties, and painting ideas, join our community by sending a message to, with a short message saying how you fit in.

The Painted Cyclists have long been a fixture of the Fremont Solstice Parade experience.  The parade is produced by the Fremont Arts Council; it’s a fantastic and whimsical celebration of the return of the sun, complete with larger than life puppets, floats, and street performers.

The Painted Cyclists engage and entertain the crowd with our boldness, bareness and enthusiasm. Join us as we welcome summer to Seattle with an outpouring of artistic expression, fossil-fuel-free travel, and fun.