Paint Party

Main paint party

We do not yet have a paint party location which can accommodate all riders.  This page describes the rules we’ve had in the past for a group paint party.

Paint party rules

Here are some rules designed to make the main paint party safe and comfortable for all of us, and meet the needs of our generous hosts.
  • The paint party is only for cyclists, painters, and a few registered photographers.  To get in the front gate you need
    • wheels (identifying you as a rider), or
    • painting equipment (if you’re just painting others), or
    • a photographer badge.
  • We will ask for a donation of $10 toward the cost of hosting the paint party, but if you can’t afford that, you won’t be turned away. Any extra money will be donated to a related non-profit.
  • No alcohol or other drugs are allowed on site.
  • Please only smoke in the designated area (see the map).
  • Do not touch any of the boats; don’t let paint splatter on any boats!!!
  • No glitter except in the one designated spot.
  • Please arrive with plenty of time to get painted, and exit the building promptly when asked. Our volunteers need time to close up and join the ride.
  • Kids under 18 are allowed, but they should not be nude.
  • Please clean up your area:
    • Wipe up any spilled paint.
    • Throw away disposables.
    • Bring any extra paint to the sharing table for others to use (if it’s acrylic or body makeup).
  • Don’t leave anything of yours behind at the paint site.
If you’re using the shared paint, here are some additional guidelines.
  • For each color you need:
    • Take a small amount of paint in a cup (or bring the whole container if it’s small); try to find an existing cup before pouring a new one.
    • Feel free to mix colors if you don’t find the hue you want; you can also thin the paint with water.
    • Move away from the paint table to apply it.
    • Return your cup to the table sorted with others of the same color.
    • Leave the paint brush in the cup; get a new brush for each new color.
    • Repeat till done!
  • There will be a broad selection of colors available at the start, but towards the end, colors may run out. If you must have a specific color, bring your own, or come early.

Additional rules for anyone with a camera

These guidelines apply even if you’re only taking a few pictures of your friends.  People who have trouble following them will be asked to leave.

  • If photography is your primary reason for showing up, you need to apply for one of the few photographer slots.
  • Identify yourself and ask permission of everybody you capture in your pictures.
    • This includes anybody identifiable in the shot, not just your primary target.
    • If you will be making the pictures publicly available, make that clear.
    • Be especially careful about capturing unpainted or partially painted people!
    • Don’t take video; there’s always somebody in the background.
  • Don’t be a creep.  (If you have to ask, you may be at risk.)
  • When polite discussion breaks down, ties go to the person who isn’t holding a camera.
For the rest of us, a warning: the painting meet-up is not a public space, but there is still no guarantee of privacy.  We try, but if being seen naked on the Internet will ruin your life, stay home.


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